One thought on “中班課程─All I really need

  1. Sorry I have to post here – but I cannot find an e-mail address here.
    This is for Febie:
    I’m looking for female readers for my ongoing diary project.
    See this:
    The readings are from two diaries I purchased in a junk store a few years ago – and from which I created a one-person show.
    Here’s the story in a nutshell as aired on All Things Considered:
    Scroll down to the “Another Lousy Day” story.
    (on the same site you can also listen to “Babyquest” and you’ll hear me make some remarks at the … uh… filling station)
    Anyhow, I hope that you’ll be kind enough to agree to do one of the readings. If you’re interested – shoot me back an e-mail and I’ll send you a bit of text to read – that you can then send back to me as an MP3 for posting on my podcast.
    All the best,
    David Kodeski
    Chicago, IL


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